silk bonnet for black hair

Close to 2ft in length with a snug elastic band at the brim, not only can our bonnet contain any kind of lengthy hairstyle, it preserves and protects your hair while providing style and comfort! Finally I took the elastic band, which I measured beforehand to the circumference of my sisters head (the bonnet was for her). When I was done passing it through I stitched both ends of the elastic together and closed the opening. If you would like you can hemn the edges of the turban band strips ( I left the ends of the strips frayed) . I recommend a double fold hemn because it will keep the hat from fraying. Place your template hat on top of the fabric, bonnet cap verify your measurements on your fabric with a washable marker and cut around the fabric in the shape of a half oval. Then I proceeded to cut out the circle.

Lay the fabric on a flat surface and cut two 4 inch strips from the left or right end of the fabric. Next, take both strips of fabric and lay them horizontally on the ground parallel to each other. To avoid letting such a situation take a toll on your overall hair health, you need to know how to use 4c natural hair moisturizer. Eardrums can only heal when dry, and may take weeks to repair themselves – not ideal for Olympic athletes who train in the water. Others find that it prevents the frizzies and fly-away hairs when the weather is less than ideal. Turn the hat upside down and find the center seam. Pin the center of the hat, just the curve of the fabric. Match the center seam with the knot loop of the turban band strip. Next, match the edges of both sides of the turban band satin strip where they meet at the center, pin together. You can make your own bonnet from your fabric of choice to match a favorite nightgown or to add authenticity to a historical costume. The satin bonnet tutorial explains the process of making it step by step that even a on absolute beginner can understand.

Sew in place. Repeat this step for the second strip of fabric as well. Sew in place. Repeat from the opposite side of the turban band satin strip. Today I was inspired to make a Satin Turban Hat/ Satin Bonnet. Are satin caps good for your hair? There are different kinds of textures in curly hair, and 4C lies at the top end of the spectrum. To help you make better-informed decisions about moisturizing 4c hair, we have penned down some tested hair care methods. So, if you have straightened or curled your hair, getting wet in the rain will ruin the style. If you have hair that is long, fine or curly, sleeping on it at night can lead to a tangled mess in the morning. You can submit refund requests within 15 days after the guaranteed period for delivery (20 days) has expired. With Hairbrella, you can. You can add pleats as you pin if you would like. Pin together where the edges of the fabric meet. I had two separate pieces of material so I just laid them against each other (using office pins to hold the edges together) and traced a circle on top with a diameter of about 20 inches.

Make your hair-drying sessions more fun and convenient by using one of these professional-grade tools. Traffic officers reported the driver for using a vehicle on a road in a dangerous condition. Fashionable women wore bonnets with attached veils which could be thrown back over the crown of the head or hung forward over the front brim. They featured a large, wide brim and were trimmed with ribbons, frills or flowers. Pin all the way to the back inseam of the hat, stop pinning 3 inches before the inseam on both sides. My head was 26 inches in circumference and 8 inches in height from my ears to the mid point of the top of my head. Measure the height and circumference of your head. It entails how to tie the head wrap too. Hold onto the base, then tightly wrap the coil around it, creating the “knot.” Use a small hair tie or pin to secure it.

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