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Taken at Ree Safari Park in Ebeltoft, Danmark. Just some awesome Otters. When I don’t wash my hair in the shower I wear my bonnet under a shower cap. But fear not, there are multiple options available to hide a bad hair day without looking like you just rolled out of bed. The bonnet will keep protective oil off the pillow and your bed neat and clean. Sigh. As long as white and non-black people practice dysfunction, there will be a black person around to point and say “See! It sure is! However, I do not aspire to unkempt styles of white and nonblack women. However, I’ve never been much of a club goer myself, so please do correct me in the comments if you have. Placards have been spotted at anti-Trump protests bearing slogans such as “The Handmaid’s Tale is not an instruction manual” and “Make Margaret Atwood fiction again”. For reference, I’m not referring to the ones from Little House on the Prairie or The Handmaid’s Tale. No one is saying you need to leave your house with your face beat to the gods, decked out in your finest jewels and an evening gown with matching opera-length gloves. But there’s a catch: You’ll need to dress like people did in that era, cook your own meals over an open fire and pitch in with household and barnyard chores.

French Braid I left a small opening so I would be able to turn over when I was done. It can help to prevent tangling and snarls. Thank you for your help. A protective style can become counter-intuitive and damage your hair if not properly cared for. Split your hair into sections again, then apply the sulfate-free conditioner to each section and gently detangle with your fingers. And then finally, the nerd costume. Then wash your hair. For those days where you know styling your hair simply will not be on the itinerary, get a satin lined wig cap (to protect your hair from the rubbing and tension wigs are known to cause), and slap a wig on! Two heat settings, two wig settings and best of all, it’s folding design, allows for compact storage and travel! Once and for all, is it okay to wear a bonnet outside? It is not anti-black to be annoyed at fellow black women who wear an item typically intended for sleepwear in public, either. My hope is that as black women realize and internalize that our image is indeed important, we will see less and less defense of wearing apparel inappropriate for the setting.

Give a cool look to the traditional Easter bunny hat so that even your boy will want to wear it. I think I will use the smaller size pattern next time – these were made on the medium size pattern it wasnt too clear about how the bonnet sizes related to hat sizes. And if all else fails, a simple hat can suffice. Here’s a list sharing sources where you can get afro textured options. There are solid-colored ones, patterned ones, floral ones, and the list goes on! Here is a list I compiled featuring black-woman-owned headwrap options! Not sold on those options? Now more than ever there are options that mimic natural hair, and many of those options are quite inexpensive. Moisturizing your natural hair helps to seal in moisture into your hair strands, so your kinky curls stay hydrated and flourishing. It is important to get a healthy, balanced diet or take a hair growth supplement. Not because other groups practice bottom shelf behaviors means that we should get on board with that too. I get it, natural hair takes work and sometimes there isn’t the time or energy to detangle our hair, much less style it. But natural hair is dry.

To be sure, the history of hair loss remedies is one that includes a large number of fakes and charlatans. I have my own thoughts, but I have to ask, why is this one of the hills we choose to die on? The basic black ones seem to have fallen out of favor, replaced by bold prints and patterns instead. Gellwhu makes a beanie sleep cap that is made out of cotton and bamboo, designed for warmth and comfort. How about some jeans and a t-shirt with a baseball cap though? From baseball caps to fedoras, a hat is a far better option than a bonnet. But bonnets? With everything else going on with black womanhood (the murder rate, the molestation, the maternal death rate, and on and on), we’re going to bat for a sleeping hat? Even the Catholic Church dropped its dress code, abandoning required head coverings for women in 1967. With the exception of cold weather wear, the fashion hat all but disappeared in the 1970’s. Credit goes to Princess Diana’s influence in the 1980’s that met with some success in bringing hats back into style.

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